Speaking Sessions


Opening Keynote Session

John Shegerian, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman -- ERI

A New Frontier: The Emergence of ITAD in a World of Data and Environmental Challenges

Opening remarks about the ITAD Industry. In addition to his own personal journey about harnessing entrepreneurship, John will provide ITAD industry insights: past, present, future; discuss how the ITAD lifecycle has evolved and the direction companies should move to stay competitive; and review global challenges and the role ITAD should play in securing data, maximizing asset recovery value and protecting our environment.

PANEL DISCUSSION: ITAD Trends and Challenges


  • Karen Fedder, Sr. Account Executive, Blancco


  • Brent Barry, Executive Director, Client Services, ITAD and Reverse Logistics, Ingram Micro

  • Brad Morley, Owner/Partner, TAMS

  • Brian Wahoff, Vice President / Chief Technology Officer, EPC, Inc.

The traditional ITAD is changing and the ITAD 2.0 model is emerging. But what does that really mean? Is there room for a traditional ITAD that just brings in product to recycle? Is the market growing, and if so in what areas? How do you maintain stickiness with your clients? What are you erasing today that you weren’t 5 years ago? Where are the opportunities in the marketplace? How do you maintain your core business while competing with service providers knocking on your client’s doors? These topics will be discussed with the people that know. The goal is to spark ideas and have the audience participate in expanding the dialogue.

Maximizing Profitability on eBay: In-Depth Review of Strategic Selling on eBay

This speaking session will focus on best practices and techniques ITADs can incorporate into their eBay business operations. Jacob will share specific insights on how companies can “strategically ramp up” their eBay sales, while Brian will discuss observations and trends in selling Apple products. The session will close with an audience Q&A focused on maximizing eBay sales.

Jacob Hunter, Senior Business Development -- eBay
Brian Burke, President and Owner -- SellYourMac.com

How ITADs will Benefit from the OBADA Blockchain

Blockchain is transforming supply chains around the world with huge gains in efficiency and accountability. The “reverse supply chain” of IT asset disposition will be no different. But without a “blockchain standard,” the market could fragment. If ITADs are forced to connect to multiple incompatible blockchains our industry will not see the benefits of blockchain, everyone will lose. The “Open Blockchain for Asset Disposition Alliance” (OBADA) is a nonprofit multi-stakeholder alliance developing the blockchain standards to keep us all on “the same blockchain.”

Rohi Sukhia, Foundder and Director -- OBADA/CEO -- Tradeloop

Become an Amazon Selling Wizard

Carlos Alvarez will show you how to find success selling on Amazon. He will discuss best selling practices from product marketing, photos, keywords and when to choose FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) over FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). For the last eleven years Carlos has mastered the strategy of leveraging nontraditional marketing strategies on Amazon to crush the competition and achieve favorable pageone-position for all of his targeted keywords and listings. He will be able to discuss these strategies with you and help you become an amazon selling wizard!

Carlos Alvarez, CEO -- Blue Bird Marketing Solutions

The Differentiator: Selling Data Destruction solutions to gain new ITAD customers

In the past, data destruction was an upsell in the suite of ITAD offerings. In a maturing ITAD market, with the changes in the data center, end user’s global footprint and with ever growing data security and compliance concerns, a rich and flexible set of data destruction offerings can be the key to differentiate. Learn how different positioning and enhanced service offerings can set your firm apart from recyclers and remarketers.

Dag Adamson, CEO -- Destroy Drive

Mobility in ITAD: Mitigate Risk While Increasing Profitability

How can ITADs use data to intelligently engage the $30 billion reverse logistics mobile device space? This presentation will review the risks and opportunities associated with collecting, processing and reselling mobile assets. After reviewing the core challenges associated with the new CTIA grading guidelines and existing R2 compliance, Seth will provide an in-depth overview of how ITADs can scale and create value in the used mobile space. The PrologMobile system uses OEM and Carrier data to automate mobile device processing operations. Through their work with wireless industry leaders, PrologMobile is able to generate mobile device asset reports and inventory analytics that help you make better purchasing, repair and remarketing decisions. The culmination of all of this will provide attendees with a fresh perspective on how data science will reshape the mobility landscape in this industry.

Seth Heine, CEO – PrologMobile
Jon Newman, Co Founder – PrologMobile

The Global Mobility Opportunity

Bob will discuss “The Global Mobility Opportunity”. Mobility as a service includes sourcing and reselling used smartphones, tablets, and iPads along with providing repairs and even refurbishing.

The demand for used phones, both operational, repairable, and even certified pre-owned has skyrocketed due to the ever-increasing cost of new devices. Domestically, insurance/device protection companies need replacement phones. Carriers and their dealers need CPO as a cost-effective alternative. Prepaid retailers also need CPO as an alternative to high priced phones. Finally, even Government and private enterprise are looking to used/CPO phones as an alternative to the higher priced units whose technology is not much different than that of recent generation devices. Global markets have limited access through retail and their carriers as well, so as a result, the used smartphone/tablet/iPad market is exploding.

This presentation will serve as an excellent introduction to the world of Mobility and the opportunities associated therein!

Bob Lafon, Global Mobility Director -- Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations

Tying it Together: ITAD, Mobility, Reverse Logistics and Augmenting Workflows with Artificial Intelligence

Arman Sadeghi will lead this panel discussion on bleeding edge innovations transforming the ITAD industry. Arman is an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist who founded All Green Recycling in 2008.

Panelists include Alok Sarsidharan, Amit Mahajan and Akanimo Emah.

As Executive Director at Re-Teck, Alok Sarsidharan ushered in new solutions that helped transform the company’s reverse supply chain efforts in the ITAD and Asset Recovery space at a global level. Akanimo Emah is Chief Strategy Officer of the NSYS GROUP. Amit Mahajan is a technology Entrepreneur. He has built companies and products in supply chain reverse logistics for the telecom industry. Amit is now busy building a Robotic Inspection technology company.

Don’t miss these industry thought leaders discuss the future trajectory of ITAD automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Arman Sadeghi -- CEO, allgreenrecycling.com
Alok Sarsidharan -- Executive Director, Li Tong Group
Amit Mahajan -- Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Phoenix Innovations LLC

Opening Keynote Session - Day 2


Grant will discuss the core challenges in the ITAD Industry. The ITAD space is rapidly changing and critical risks are everywhere. To remain competitive, ITAD companies will need to change how they focus on various business metrics. This presentation will highlight the essential issues ITADs need to consider in developing their strategic plans.

Grant Guilbeault Founder - ArrowFlight Analytics


John Shegerian


Electronics Recyclers International

Grant Guilbeault


ArrowFlight Analytics

Dag Adamson


Destroy Drive

Carlos Alvarez


Blue Bird Marketing Solutions