Find out What Makes ITAD Summit so Special

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Karen Fedder

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"I haven't talked to anybody that hasn't really had a great experience, and gotten to meet current clients, but also meeting new prospects!" - Director of ITAD, Blancco

Darek Creel

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"It's the most productive show I've been to!" - Director of Operations, R2 Corporation

Bo Guilbeault

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"The ITAD Summit 2019 and future ITAD summits, is a must-attend for anyone in the ITAD industry!" - CITAD Camse Champ

Brian Burke - President (SellYourMac.com)

"The ITAD Summit is literally my favorite industry show! I am blown away! An amazing group of people that not only can interact well but actually build relationships and make deals. If you want to make a deal in the ITAD industry and you want to meet people and make relationships? This is the place to come! Every single time people have been to this conference, it has been amazing. I can't wait to go to the next one, and the one after that! I'm going to them all!

Dave Maik - Director of ITAD Sales (SoftThinks Technologies)

"This show, the ITAD Summit! What a great show! So many people meeting so many new people. Seeing people you've seen before and great customers! Only a year and a half long and this thins I rockin it. It is growing to be the best show in this industry and it's going to continue. I hope to see everybody here next time!"