Dag Adamson

CEO, Destroy Drive
<p><strong>Dag Adamson</strong><br />CEO<br />Destroy Drive </p>


Business executive, founder of several profitable technology companies; most recently founded Destroy Drive an on-site hard drive wiping/sanitization services company.

Founded Lifespan, a North American managed services company providing turnkey management of end-of-life assets. In 2014, sold company to private equity. Assisted in ownership transition and performed business development after earn-out.

Founded Newton Online - a web development company in 1995 and sold to Keyware - a European biometrics software company in 2000. Went public June 2001. Exceeded objectives after sale and assisted in transition after earn-out.

Specialties: Business leadership and management for technology services companies, business development in managed services and consulting services targeting fortune 500 Companies