What To Look For When Buying Refurbished Laptops



You need to source high-quality laptops for your office team and remote workers. But you also have a tight budget. What are your options?

Purchase new equipment at your local retail store. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, new laptops may be more expensive than necessary because all those extras drive up the price.

Buy refurbished laptops at wholesale prices. These laptops work just as well as new, cost less per unit, and get the right equipment in your employees’ hands quickly.


The first thing to consider is the cost of your batch order of refurbished laptops. Purchasing used equipment, particularly bulk laptops, is an excellent way to reduce costs while providing high-quality equipment for your team.

First, conduct a cost comparison for retail pricing from online sellers. Then gauge the price difference between new and used equipment. Do the refurbished laptops have upgrades from their original specs? Can you upgrade memory and processing power without driving up the overall costs of the used equipment? Does the price include warranties?


Battery life is critical to the performance of refurbished laptops. Laptop batteries don’t last forever. They typically last two to four years or about 1,000 charges. If a laptop has been idle for a long time and hasn’t been used for months or years, the battery may degrade over time. We check the batteries of each refurbished laptop that comes through IT Supply Solutions. When the battery stops working eventually, you can order another one from a reputable supplier.

Operating System

Do you favor Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems? Make sure the refurbished laptops can run the latest version of these operating systems, which means each machine must have enough memory and processing power. Do you need professional versions of an operating system? Those often have higher requirements.


Laptops should already come with a wireless card installed. But what about mobile memory? Do you need USB ports, lightning ports, or HDMI? It depends on the applications you need to run on refurbished laptops. Basic memory upgrades and thumb drives typically require USB ports. However, video connectivity may need a micro-HDMI port.

Warranties From Reputable Sellers

You want to protect your investment when you’re looking to purchase wholesale refurbished laptops. Reputable sellers of this equipment will provide warranties on what they sell.


Author: IT Supply Solutions