Eric Lundgren

Chief Executive Officer -
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Eric Lundgren

Chief Executive Officer -


Eric Lundgren is an American social entrepreneur, innovator, and advocate best known for recycling electronic waste. He is the CEO of BigBattery, Inc. and Founder of IT Asset Partners (ITAP, Inc.), Both electronics Reuse, and Hybrid Recycling companies. As a social entrepreneur, Lundgren's life purpose is to create sustainable recycling solutions for the world.

In 2002, Lundgren moved to Los Angeles and started his first electronics recycling company, Environmental Computer Associates (ECA, Inc.), providing electronic asset management to Fortune 500 Companies in the USA. (Acquired by Waste Management: 2006).

From 2006-2011, Lundgren relocated to China and created Source Captain, Inc. a sourcing company providing electronic parts and components to the largest computer electronic refurbishers in the United States to assist in Repair and Re-Use applications. (Acquired by Alibaba Group Holdings, Ltd: 2011) 

In 2012, Lundgren founded IT Asset Partners (ITAP, Inc.), the first "Electronic Hybrid Recycling" facility in the United States, converting discarded cell phones, tablets, computers and servers and micro-mobility into new functional devices, slowing the stream of harmful chemicals and metals into landfills and the environment. ITAP, Inc. harvests generic parts & components, and recycles eWaste streams for the largest computer, micro-mobility, gaming console companies in the world. ITAP offers Hybrid Recycling solutions on a global scale with processing facilities on four continents.  

In 2014, Lundgren was an honorary guest of President John Dramani Mahama, Lundgren lived in Accra, Ghana and worked with the President to solve the country's eWaste epidemic, providing new tools and solutions for eWaste Processing. He received awards from the GIPC and Ghanaian EPA for his solutions leading to the eWaste clean-up of Agbogbloshie, Accra: one of the most toxic places on earth. 

Lundgren became a "Guinness World Record Holder" in 2017 by building the "Worlds Longest Range Electric Vehicle" out of Recycled consumer eWaste and driving the car (999.5 Miles) on a single charge to demonstrate the power of Hybrid Recycling and Electric Vehicles.

Lundgren built in 2019, To provide cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions for America. has provided 37,000 Battery ESS Systems to date, manufacturing these batteries in California. He is disrupting this industry by lowering the (kWh) Price for energy storage in the USA by 40%, ending the era of inefficient lead-acid batteries in America.

As a leader in the Circular Economy and the RightToRepair Movement, Lundgren continues to fight wasteful practices by converting toxic waste streams into reusable products for the benefit of mankind. He aims to build a world of less waste and less want.