Eric Lundgren

Chief Executive Officer- Big Battery Inc
<p><strong>Eric Lundgren</strong><br />Chief Executive Officer<br />Big Battery Inc</p>

Eric Lundgren

Chief Executive Officer
Big Battery Inc

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Eric Lundgren is an American social entrepreneur, innovator, and advocate best known for recycling electronic waste. He was the COO of MiningSky and Founder of IT Asset Partners, Inc. (ITAP), electronics reuse, and Hybrid Recycling company.

In 2002 Lundgren moved to Los Angeles and started his first electronics recycling company, Environmental Computer Associates (ECA), where he worked with a number of large companies including American Airlines. He served as the CEO of the company until 2010, before selling to Access Computer Products Inc. (acquired by Waste Management Inc.)

In 2006 Lundgren traveled to China and lived there for five years learning about electronic recycling and finding ways to send cheap parts to America to prolong the lifecycle of electronics. Upon returning to the USA, Lundgren founded IT Asset Partners, Inc. in late 2012. The company repurposes enterprise and consumer electronics, lithium-ion batteries, harvests generic parts & components and recycles e-waste for bellwether technology companies.

Lundgren said, "95 percent of a computer, such as the battery and the circuits, are generic and can be reused or repurposed."He devoted much time to recovering discarded batteries, whether from electric cars or computers, and reusing them in wheelchairs, electronics, and various vehicles. In 2009, Lundgren founded Source Captain Inc. in order to help American buyers bypass the broker process to source direct certified factories on a global scale.

Lundgren launched the first “electronic hybrid recycling” facility in the United States, which turns discarded cell phones and other electronics into functional devices, slowing the stream of harmful chemicals and metals into landfills and the environment.