Alok Sarsidharan

Director of Business Development - Li Tong Group
<p><strong>Alok Sarsidharan</strong><br />Dir. of Business Dev<br />Litong Group</p>

Alok Sarsidharan

Director of Business Development
Li Tong Group



As an Executive Director at LTG/Re-Teck, Alok Sarsidharan ushered in new solutions that helped transform the company's reverse supply chain efforts in Consumer Electronics, Mobility, Telecom, and ITAD markets at a global level. Under his leadership, LTG/Re-Teck has become one of the world's leading reverse supply chain management solutions providers.

With a core focus on circular economy methodologies and through his previous experience in aftermarket services in the technology industry, Alok collaborated with multiple Fortune 500 companies and has collaborated extensively in the North American, European, APAC, and South East Asian markets with OEM's such as Ericsson, Nokia, Dell, Cisco, and IBM. With a focus on improving and enabling customers to manage their returns process, Alok has successfully accomplished establishing LTG/Re-Teck as a pioneer in investment recovery for the product lifecycle value chain.

During his tenure, LTG/Re-Teck has received numerous industry awards, including Supply & Demand Chain Executive's 2015 Green Supply Chain Award. He is also responsible for crafting the company's business development strategy, new market acquisitions, and services portfolio.